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Directly working with the manufacturer

Cleanroom Laundry Service

As a mother company, Ruth Technology has been engaging in cleanroom laundry for more than 10 years. In order to reach to the highest washing standard, we developed the Class 1’s cleanroom to do the laundry.

Furthermore, we carefully maintain the temperature, humidity and control the amount of dust in the cleanroom. To ensure the cleanness, we will check the particles on cleanroom suits through the particle counter.

Wholesales of Cleanroom Products

Through the experience in cleanroom laundry, we endeavor to provide the quality and washableClass 1000 cleanroom apparels. Furthermore, we offer the customization services, such as sewing pockets and designing name tags, and so on.

As a trustworthy cleanroom consumables ‘supplier, we offer quality cleanroom clothing and provide consultancy of design planning of cleanroom and related contamination control products to most leading technology companies in Taiwan.

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Directly working with manufacturer, we are able offer transparent and reasonable price with quality cleanroom apparels. Since we work closely with the production and carefully monitor the source, we are confident that our products will meet your high demand.

High Quality

Users' comfortability is our priority. We aim to provide the cleanroom suits with high air permeability rate and skin-friendly fiber. Thanks to many years’ experience in cleanroom clothing laundry, we improve the design to make the cleamroom clothes more durable while it is washed.


We have several professional tailors providing the badges and buttons sewing service. What’s more, we offer the instant consultancy service if you are looking for the customized cleanroom suits.

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